Chevrolet EVs

In 2016, the Chevrolet Bolt EV was released. It is a popular EV, for many reasons. It has over 250 miles of range, costs only $36,620, and is a practical little hatchback. It has, however, been described as the “uncool” electric car. It is a direct competitor to the Tesla Model 3, with almost the exact same price and range. Besides these two things, there aren’t many similarities. The Model 3, in my and most people’s opinions, looks better and is nicer inside and out. The Bolt is a boxy hatchback, and the Model 3 is an aerodynamic, curved sedan. The two largest factors to which EV to buy are range and price, and these two vehicles have just about the same price and range. The Model 3 can use Tesla Superchargers, and the Bolt can use conventional fast chargers. The Bolt is a great choice for your next car if you don’t want to break the bank but do want a practical car that helps preserve the environment.