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Tesla, Inc is an American automaker, energy storage company, and solar panel manufacturer based in Palo Alto, California. The company was founded in 2003, specializing in electric vehicles, lithium-ion batteries, and battery storage. Tesla’s CEO and owner is Elon Musk. The company owns SolarCity, which was founded by Elon Musk’s cousins.

Tesla’s plan was to start out with a low-volume electric vehicle. That vehicle was the Tesla Roadster. The next step was to make a low-volume to middle-volume electric sedan. That vehicle is the Model S. The next step was to create a high-volume electric sedan. Tesla instead made a low-volume to middle-volume SUV at that time. That SUV was the Model X. The next step in the process was a high-volume electric sedan. That is the Model 3. Now, the Model Y is very much in production as a popular electric SUV for the masses.

Tesla is planning to release a new compact EV in 2022, at a price of around $25,000 before tax credits. This will really be a pivot point for the EV industry, as this will really be a car that most people will be able to afford as opposed to a similarly priced ICE vehicle. Considering the new EV tax credit of $7,000 President Joe Biden promises to create, this new EV will be $18,000 new. That is pretty amazing considering a brand-new Toyota Corolla is more expensive than that.

Tesla has a place in every EV enthusiast’s heart, and will probably be at the top in the United States for a while still. New  EVs are giving them competition, but few options are as good and established as a Tesla. Plus, Tesla has an extensive network of ultra-fast Superchargers, which makes road tripping and recharging quick and easy.