Tesla Receives New Order Of 150 Electric Semi Trucks

Pride Group Enterprises, a truck-leasing company just ordered 150 Tesla Semi Trucks, with the possibility they will order 350 more. This might just be the largest Semi order yet. Depending on how many trucks Pride Group Enterprises orders, Tesla will receive a huge profit, between $22 and $100 million dollars. Pride would have had to place a deposit of at least $3 million. The group operates 12 locations in the US and Canada and plans to make the trucks available based on demand. Tesla will offer the Semi with either 300 or 500 miles of range on a full charge, with the trucks using only 2 kWh per mile. Each semi will cost between $150,000 and $180,000, a comparable price to a gas or diesel semi. Over the life of each semi, Tesla projects that Semi operators will save up to $200,000 in gasoline and maintenance, along with helping preserve the environment.