Is Your Model X a Good Tow Vehicle? This Family Finds Out.

The All Electric Family is a great YouTube channel I came across earlier in this pandemic looking for Tesla towing videos, something I’ve always been curious about. I’ve seen tests with a Model X towing a horse trailer, or a tiny travel trailer, but I’ve never seen a channel where people tow a camper with a Tesla as not just a test, but somewhat permanently. This family switched from towing a 37′ Travel Trailer with a large truck to towing a 22′ Travel Trailer with a Model X. I recommend checking out this channel. They post great videos very often, and they test all kinds of trailers, from Airstreams to cargo trailers to conventional travel trailers. I also hear they are going to be testing a pop-up trailer sometime in the future. It’s fascinating to watch how consumption can vary so much, between 350 or 400 Wh/Mi towing a 22′ Airstream, to 1000 Wh/Mi towing a 22′ Travel Trailer by Coachmen.

Thanks for reading Our Electric Future! I hope you enjoy this family’s great videos!

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